Why Russia Wants to Invest Whopping $14 Billion Dollars in Pakistan

Why Russia Wants to Invest Whopping $14 Billion Dollars in Pakistan

Russia has come up with an integrated investment package of $14 billion for the energy sector in Pakistan.

During a recent visit of the Russian delegation, headed by Gazprom Management Committee Deputy Chairman Vitaly A Markelov, the Russian side pledged an investment of $14 billion in offshore gas pipeline project, North South Pipeline Project and underground gas storage in Pakistan.

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  1. In hinduo smjh nahi ati k aesa behavior inko kahi ka nahi choray ga. Mil ker raho Europe ki trha phir Dekho Asia k samnay Europe aur USA mil ker bhi Kuch na ho gy. Lakin nahi USA aur Europe k talway chatnay ha. Unka to Kam hi larwana ha ta k koi un sy agay na Nikal jy. 100 saal goro ka ghulam reh ker bhi inko smjh nahi ay gi.

  2. بھائی وزیراعظم عمران خان صاحب کب دورہ کر رہے ہیں روس کا ؟
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