Simplest way of Investing in Stock Market and Creating Wealth

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Mr. Malhotra was interviewed by Doordarshan. In this interview he talks about some of the basics of investing money and why people often go wrong when it comes to achieving their financial goals.

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27 thoughts on “Simplest way of Investing in Stock Market and Creating Wealth

  1. A great video indeed. I am impressed by Mr Varun's way of explaining things. I just have one question, though. I am investing in equity mutual funds via an app. Is it the same thing as investing in Stock markets (NIFTY or BSE or Sensex etc.)?

  2. Respected varun sir,
    I am from KOLKATA,and i would be honored if I could attend your Worshop.
    Sir,whenever you are in my city.
    I would request you to guide me personally with financial concerns in my life.
    Sir,can I take an appointment and seek your advice for my financial situation sir??
    Priyanka. Sethi

  3. i get very inspired by watching your videos!
    Sir, if i invest in Nifty and keep it aside for long-term, will the returns be affected by the change in list of 50companies
    and HOW??

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