Government to invest US$ 26.5 billion in infrastructure projects to improve quality of life

‘집에서 10분’ 체육관•도서관…정부, 생활SOC 30조원 투자

The Moon Jae-in administration is seeking to improve citizen’s lives by creating various facilties for people to enjoy.
Kim Min-ji fills us in on this part of a three-year plan,… that will see increased sports centers, public libraries and daycare centers.
The Korean government will be pumping in some 30 trillion won,… or about 26-and-a-half billion U.S. dollars in infrastructure projects over the next three years to improve people’s daily lives and make them more convenient.
Broadly, they will cover three areas — leisure facilities, care centers for children and the elderly… and public safety.
First, funding for leisure facilities — to the tune of around 12-point-8 billion dollars — will be used to add more than 400 public sports centers and more than 150 libraries.
The plan is for such facilities to be within ten minutes, or about 4 kilometers of everybody.
Another area is increasing the scope of care services.
Some 2-point-6 billion dollars will be used to set up new public childcare facilities… to allow more people to take advantage of the services.
The government will also more than double the number of public nursing homes to make sure there’s one in every district.
Last but not least,… 11-point-1 billion dollars will be set aside to create a safe and clean living environment.
That includes improving the country’s ability to fight and prevent fires, especially in public buildings.
Also on the list — reducing fine-dust pollution by building new forests for recreation,… and cutting down on traffic accidents by improving the roads.
“Before the Moon Jae-in administration ends in 2022, the government will expand infrastructure related to people’s daily lives. This will help achieve its vision of a country where people can enjoy quality lives wherever they are.”
The government hopes that the new plan will foster a culture of “work-life balance,”… a goal reflected already in its push for a 52-hour work week in a country known for notoriously long working hours.
On top of that, it’s also likely to have a positive economic impact,… with the government expecting to create some 200-thousand new jobs.
Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.

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