Four ways to invest with little money

Here are four simple ways for you to get started investing without a lot of money.

401K – No brainer
ESPP – Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Discount Broker – Schwab or Fidelity
Direct Purchase Programs

Link to returns on ESPP:

Links to Direct Purchase Programs:

Links to Brokerage Firms:

This list is not exhaustive but is a good start for those without a lot of money. Start early and dollar cost averaging is a way to start cheap and with little risk.

Equipment I use to record:

Equipment used for filming:
Main Camera:
50 MM Lens:
Point and Shoot for wide:
Wireless Lapel Mic:
Voice Recorder:
Main Lights:
Small Cheap Spots:
Super Portable Tripod:
Nicer Tripod:

Disclaimer: I am not an investing professional, at least not anymore and you should do your own research before investing and figure out your risk tolerances.

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