Published on 27th June, 2019


Ever wondered WHY YOU SHOULD INVEST in the first place?? Why not find out today through this special video.

Vicky explains the most important reason why you need to invest now and promises to do another video on this topic

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🔴 Bitcoin Break Out Live : BTC Hitting The Golden Retrace!! Episode 579 – Crypto Technical Analysis

🔴 Bitcoin Break Out Live : BTC Hitting The Golden Retrace!! Episode 579 – Crypto Technical Analysis

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and RIpple (XRP) Analysis. Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis and Cryptocurrency News.

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Invest $1000 (or Euro) in The Stock Market (TODAY) : How I Invested my FIRST 1000 Euro (Explained!)

Invest $1000 (or Euro) in The Stock Market (TODAY) : How I Invested my FIRST 1000 Euro (Explained!)

Invest $1000 (or Euro) in The Stock Market (TODAY) : How I Invested my FIRST 1000 Euro (Explained!)

There are 1000’s of video’s out there teaching you EXACTLY how to invest $1000 dollars in the stock market right now and I’m sure that in each and every one of these videos, about investing $1000 dollars or euro in the stock market, there are some gems van some value to be found, but in our opinion the best ones are the ones telling a personal story.

So, instead of just doing some imaginary situation and going over what’s possible, and what I would invest these $1000 dollars (euro) in right now (after about 8 years of experience) I’ll actually go over my first initial stock market portfolio that I opened up with $1000 dollars that I had saved up to do exactly that.

And please note, I said MY first PERSONAL stock market portfolio, because, before opening that portfolio I was investing for about 2 or maybe even 2 and a half years through a stock market account that I had opened under my dad’s name, so that meant that I was investing quite a lot in education and courses at that time to become better at investing.

And all that was left was 1000 euro. And I know you’re thinking that this could easily be applied to any amount of money but if you’re doing it with less than $1000 dollars or Euro, please watch out for the brokerage fees, because that was my first mistake on the stock market. And although all of my initial holdings, that I had with my dad’s ID, ended up returning a nice percentage, on 1 of them I still lost money because of the fees.
So, the first lesson of this video would have to be watch out for fees and read the small letters at the end of your contract, and if you’re investing through a commission free app, like ribinhood, webull or M1, or whatever other app or software that lets you do free transactions, I feel happy for you because we don’t get that over here in Europe.

BUT anyhow, in this video, I’ll just go over the kind of investments in the stock market that I got in with my first 1000 dollars. And, more specifically, the psychology behind them.

If you have any questions or you just want us to review YOUR stock market portfolio, or whatever, just send us a DM on Instagram at babyinvestments and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Disclaimer 1: This is not official legal advice, results are not promised, and every individual should take their own decision based on their own experience and knowledge as results may differ between individuals.

Disclaimer 2: By the time you’re watching this video we may own shares of companies mentioned in this video, and do proclaim that this is NOT a speculative video.

So, shortly, in this video: Invest $1000 (or Euro) in The Stock Market (TODAY) : How I Invested my FIRST 1000 Euro (Explained!)
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